In a typical API and Specialty Chemical manufacturing, solvents make a sizable component of product cost. In fact the solvents charged into reactors constitute almost 25-30% of the total batch cost. Any saving therefore in solvent recovery and recycling wil directly contribute to the bottom-line. For the solvent recycling and recovery there should be a unified and integrated strategy. Moreover, the solvent recycling does not come free. It costs money. Thus the challenge is two fold:

  1. How to recover maximum amount of solvent?
  2. How to recover solvents with less energy input and fewer resources?

We help our clients in solvent recovery and recycling by studying the entire solvent cycle. This shall be done by employing the following steps:

  • Identifying and Quantifying the sources and locations of solvent loss.
  • Checking design and ratifying condensers in manufacturing plant.
  • Develop the operational strategy,
  • Identify the steam and cooling water requirements.
  • Devise the solutions.
  • Prepare Action Plan and Implement and execute the solutions.
  • Measure the benefits.