Most of the plants are designed for a product but used for other products. As a result we may later have a factory full of operational issues and built in bottlenecks. It is important to identify and remove the obvious bottlenecks. Yet there are many hidden issues and bottlenecks that require methodical investigation for identification and removal.

We use simulation tools to addressing these inherent design issues. As a result the clients shall be able to:

  • Reduce Cycle Time
  • Reduce Make-span
  • Lower Energy Cost
  • Higher Productivity Lesser Downtime
  • Maintaining Quality System’s
  • Consistent Quality


This is an example which is encountered in most of the plants today and often is a reality. A heat exchanger installed on a reactor can cause un-noticed and hidden threats to the process. This will create the following problems:


  1. Poor condensation rate
  2. The poor condensation will increase cycle time.
  3. The increased cycle time will expose the product for higher heating time, thereby building impurities.
  4. The impurities will further reduce the yield.
  5. Higher running hours means higher power and energy consumption.
  6. These uncertainties will bring inconsistency in product quality.
  7. Need not to say that the solvent losses in such case will be high.