The Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry today faces tough business challenges such as escalating R&D and manufacturing costs as well as delays in bringing products to market. This is topped by the design and operation of complex plants.
This complexity provides lot of challenges-both Technical and Managerialto the management for constantly achieving Operational Efficiency, Higher Occupancy, Optimal Scheduling, Cost Reduction and Continuous Improvement.

These challenges need to be scientifically and technically identified in order to translate them into opportunities for cash generation. This is an indication that the pharmaceutical companies must change the way they operate.

Some of the key factors impacting industry are:

  • Ever increasing demands to deliver lower cost of goods (COGS)
  • Improve customer supply performance
  • Greater product complexity
  • Ongoing regulatory compliance demands & Quality Systems
  • Ever increasing process complexity and hazards

IndushaPharma supports its customers building integrated solutions, custom-designed to the client’s specific requirements to achieve operational excellence. By developing tools to manage and optimize your key business processes

Our company can help you improve your operational performance and profitability by enabling you to:

  • Maintain regulatory compliance for the Factory
  • Optimize process design
  • Bring products to market more efficiently and timely manner
  • Reduce COGS by improving operational efficiency
  • Deliver superior customer service without maintaining excessive inventory at any level
  • Manage your process development workflow from synthetic chemistry, through pilot plant
  • Operations and technology transfer
  • Improve end-to-end operational efficiency from order, dispatch through execution to order fulfillment.
  • Training